Heart Walk 2018


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Heart Walk 2018

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Hundreds of people were awoken with a heartfelt sense of pride and eagerness, as Saturday’s rain plunked against their bedroom windows. Some were greeted with the warming aroma of homemade pancakes which lofted into their bedrooms, delightfully filling their noses; others, startled by their clock’s alarm, finding themselves mourning over the unfortunate events that led them into wanting to participate in the Heart Walk. Nevertheless, hundreds of people, varied by race, color, and creed, all joined in unity to spread awareness. But on that day, the only color that mattered was red.

Being that the Heart Walk is the American Heart Association’s premier event for raising funds to save lives, TimHaahs’ Atlanta office kicked off our company’s effort against this epidemic back in September, before our Philadelphia office sought out to join this magnificent effort.

On October 27th, seas of red shirts and raincoats filled the streets of Philadelphia like water fills the bottle. Both the feet from parents and children rhythmically advanced – harmoniously – as one heartbeat. Onlookers and participants alike shared words of strength and support as the pulsating march echoed off Citizens Bank Park’s facades. The brisk, wet morning that welcomed these individuals granted them the opportunity to become part of something bigger than the Heart Walk.

Our Philadelphia family walked alongside others who have been affected by heart disease and helped shine light on this country’s number one killer. Participating in this walk does not only raise awareness, but it presents an opportunity to connect with those who suffer or are affected because of heart disease.

In the darkest of times, when our internal flame is dimmed, serving those who need our support could be enough to rekindle our fire; as long as that fire burns within us, our willingness to defeat this disease will fill others with hope and confidence. That steadfast hope will keep our inner flame ablaze, but it is our courage to stand together, as a united front, that will finally extinguish heart disease.

With our outmost sincerity, TimHaahs would like to thank all who have participated in the Heart Walk and would implore those interested to donate here to this significant cause. If we all exist to help those in need, you will always find someone who will help you rekindle your fire.