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Pushing the Envelope through Parking: A Look at Collins Park Place


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Pushing the Envelope through Parking: A Look at Collins Park Place

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Once again, the City of Miami Beach is taking parking to a whole new level.

The Collins Park Place project, currently being designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, will soon begin to

transform the Collins Park neighborhood, already home to the Miami City Ballet, the Bass Museum, and the City Library. The garage will no doubt become an icon in the city, similar to the famous 1111 Lincoln Road garage that sits nearby.

The goal of the City, and the architect, is to create the Collins Park Place project as a destination in itself, and an expression of the possibilities for artistic expression in all buildings. The design also includes a significant focus on sustainability, with the goal of pursuing LEED Silver certification. TimHaahs is working with Zaha Hadid to perform parking consulting services for this groundbreaking project.





All images courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects (Design Architect) & Berenblum Busch Architecture (Executive Architect)