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Tim Haahs Wins 2016 Solas Award!


Tim Haahs Wins 2016 Solas Award!

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The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, a Philadelphia nonprofit organization that promotes economic development through immigrant integration, presented its Solas Awards on Wednesday, April 20th. Since 2003, the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians has connected more than 14,000 individuals from 140 countries with economic opportunities. Their mission is to accelerate immigrant integration and economic advancement through education, training, employment and entrepreneurship.

Our president, Tim Haahs, PE, AIA, a South Korean immigrant born into a leper colony, received the Realizing the American Dream award. Tim gave a truly inspirational speech about the journey his life has taken him on from a young boy in South Korea, to an engineer and architect in Philadelphia, a husband and father, a Pastor, and a heart attack survivor. He encouraged all of us to help others in need. This is Tim’s mission in life and the principle under which he founded his firm. Tim shared, “I am where I am today because somebody helped me along the way!”  Tim is now an internationally recognized leader and expert in his field. He truly has made the most of his second chance at life! Please join us in congratulating Tim on this extraordinary honor.