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Obtaining LEED Certification in a Parking Garage: A Look at the new LEED Silver Temple University Mixed-Use Facility


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Obtaining LEED Certification in a Parking Garage: A Look at the new LEED Silver Temple University Mixed-Use Facility

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TimHaahs is excited to announce that we have recently completed the LEED Silver certification for the mixed-use spaces in our Temple University 11th & Montgomery parking facility. The mixed-use garage supports the expanding development and growing parking needs of the campus, while also showcasing the University’s commitment to sustainable design and development practices.

This has been a groundbreaking project for TimHaahs, serving as our first parking facility to incorporate LEED certified space. TimHaahs is committed to working with our clients to incorporate the latest sustainable planning, design, and construction strategies in all of our projects, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Temple on this project and recognize their commitment to sustainability in all areas of campus development.

About the Temple Project

The 11th & Montgomery mixed-use garage includes university flex space, retail, and a public plaza. It also incorporates a number of sustainable design elements including bike storage and changing rooms, water-efficient landscaping, access to public transportation, and energy efficient systems achieving an energy cost savings of nearly 25%. The facility also includes provisions for a future solar array and underground thermal ice storage.

Opportunities of LEED and Parking

The United States Green Building Council, which offers the LEED rating system for buildings, does not recognize parking facilities as a whole for LEED certification. However, a mixed-use parking structure with interior conditioned space may pursue certification under multiple rating systems (new construction, existing buildings, etc.) but only the conditioned space will be “certified”. The parking areas may however contribute to certification.

For more information on the opportunities to incorporate LEED strategies into a parking facility, and the certification requirements, visit TimHaahs’ Parking Database question here.